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Prom was perfect. Well at least we made it to be. Of course it started out hectic as it rained literally the whole day. We had to move pictures inside which was a little sad. But as all of us girls were getting ready literally it seemed at the last minute. Throwing on eyelashes fixing each others hair pulling zippers up. We were a mess. But after all the chaos and stress it turned out to be great. So lets talk about the actual dance. To be honest the music was shit, they played all shit music of course as to be expected by out high school prom. The venue was the same as usual nothin special like the other schools. But you know what even with the shitty food and music we made it fun and so I honestly didn’t even care. Of course even as we were leaving it was still raining which was such a pain too. I am just happy everyone got home safely. I also realize we only have like fourteen days left of school so that’s a bonus for sure. I’m so excited to get out of this shit hole. College is getting closer. I just got my new roommates assignment and I’m so excited to meet them. I’m getting my new schedule soon too and I am so ready to get going with college. My new job is paying a lot more too so you already know I’m planning vacations for myself over the summer. Let’s get on with it already.


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Nothing is Happening

Summer needs to come faster. I’m getting real tired of school and I think we are all in need for a good break. Assignments are being piled up as teachers try to cram in lessons. There is nothing worse than trying to figure out your school life when your teachers don’t have their shit together either. Not their fault they human too. But damn I think we should just move summer closer. About one more month of school and I’m out of this shit school. As soon as summer hits I’m gonna be getting three jobs and working hella hours. I wanna go on a little trip to treat myself senior year. My mom said she would help me with my bills so that I can focus and save for the trip. I really would like to go to the bahamas or cancoon. Ugh, I’ve never been and everyone is always talking about it. There hasn’t been much going on in  life just the usual so the blogs for the rest of the year are probably gonna be more boring if that is possible. The last thing I need is to have to take more finals though so keeping an A would be great. I’m gonna be starting my hospital job on top of my other two jobs soon so hopefully I can handle it with school still going on. I’m starting to get up later and later and rushing to school and sleeping in my car before work. I kind of hate it but hopefully it will pay off.

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Story-Time: Robbed

Let me begin with this is something that happened to me awhile ago so I was a lot younger and didn’t make good choices. My friends and I were hanging out one day and none of us had cars so we had to walk to the closest Walmart to get some food. To get there we had to walk past a small little shopping strip that had some restaurants a little shops. It was late at night and the short cut is to walk through the back side and hop the fence to get there instead of going on the sidewalk and walking all the way around.

So of course we are gonna take the shortcut. As we were walking there we  saw some people a little older than us probably,  waiting around the bus stop. They were eyeing us but we didn’t think much of it. Halfway down this back alley we start hearing some laughter behind us. We turn around and there they are walking straight towards us fast. So we speed up and we can see the fence. They call for us to stop and they started surrounding us. There probably about 5 of them and only three of us. The only person I had focused on was the one who had his knife out. After a small yet casual talk they told us to give them our money. I always keep my money separated so I gave them the five dollars that was in my wallet praying they wouldn’t check my clothes. My other friend didn’t have any money on her so they took her Jordans. And now their focus was on my other friend. She refused to give anything. I don’t know how much she had but it was enough to deny 5 scary dudes with a knife. That’s when a backdoor opened and immediately the 5 dudes started walking and we took of the other way real quick. I realize now how lucky we were.

Sorry about these random stories I have you can probably tell I’m running out of ideas on what to write about. I figure I’ve seen or heard of some shit and might as well tell some of them to you.

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Story-Time: Car Chase Don’t Drink & Drive

So this story actually is my mom’s story but I just wanna talk about how badass she is. My mom works night shits so it was late on a Friday night. So this is what the police had informed me of: She was driving down the highway and a car was on the wrong side of the highway. The cars in front of her swerved out of the way but she unfortunately got hit on the side. She immediately called the police on her phone and was talking to the emergency person on 911. The person in the car started driving off. So she started following the car trying to make them stop. Honking her horn flashing lights etc. The person ended up pulling over. The 911 lady told her to stay in the car with her doors locked. A guy obviously drunk came out and walked to her car banging on her windows. Where my mom gave a description of him to the lady on the phone. He then went to the back of his trunk in which they thought he may have a gun but the luckily he only wanted to smoke. That’s when the police finally arrived.

In the end I just think it’s crazy how my mom decided not to tell me any of this and act normal the next day till I get a call from the police. But she told me she just wanted to make sure the guy would pay for the damage on her car. Blessed my mom and no one else was hurt. But lets make this a lesson. Kids and adults don’t drink and drive please. This could have ended a lot worse for so many people. Make smart choices and stay safe!

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Story-time: Stealing

Stealing is a daily thing I see at work. Most of the times it’s petty stuff. They’ll stuff a necklace or tshirt in their bag. Or I find them taking off the sensors. I guess they can’t afford the $5.00 t shirts at Forever 21 but are decked out in brand named clothes. Maybe they stole that too. But I got to watch security footage of some boosters which was interesting.

From the camera footage: It was Saturday an hour before closing, like usual our daily thieves come in. So these two girls walk in and started shopping and looking around like normal. They have a handful of clothes and once they are done they come together near a table. They take off the hangers and look around even to the cameras. Customers walk in and out past them. They magically pull out an empty bag from their purses and start stuffing everything in. 5 minutes and none of our workers happened to walk by including me. Once they finished they quickly walked out the door. In their haste they dropped a few items which made the alarm ring and continually go off. So that’s when we realized they didn’t just steal a few things. And unlike our expert thieves they went out the door furthest from the exit of the mall. Meaning they had to walk a further distance to leave than if they left the other door of my store. So my manager actually saw their faces as they past our second entrance.

In this whole event my manager was pretty pissed since the situation could have been avoided if the girl in her section had made her rounds. But I guess we will be seeing them soon anyways.

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All we need is love and a dog

Why are we so blessed with these wonderful things. These fur balls are full of love and loyalty. What more can you ask for. My furry little baby is now officially 5 years old. I got this baby lab as a surprise gift for my birthday and he has been so special to me. I remember when he was small enough I could easily hold him in my arms. He was always a healthy puppy with much energy a little too much it seemed at the time. Unfortunately he is struggling with his joints and weight right now but he is hanging in there. It makes me sad though I can tell he is aging. I guess in puppy years 35 is getting up there. Most labs have a joint problems as they age however he had injured his leg two months ago and is still recovering. In that time he has gained so much weight. Labs usually weigh 60-85 lbs but my puppy weighs 105 now. We bought him special food to try and help him loose weight. And we’ve been slowly increasing his walks again trying to get him back into the habit. It’s sad though because even though it’s good for him he looks miserable. The food the vet gave him looks gross and he use to love walks but now all he wants to do is sleep. I know he will get better over time again but it makes me think back to when he was a pup a lot. I guess we all get old eventually.

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So in my creative writing class a week ago we got to read some examples of short stories. One of them that I picked up is called “The Egg” by Andy Weir. Many of you guys have probably already read it or heard of it. Everyone’s reaction described it as mind blowing or thought it was dumb. It actually made me feel really lonely. I don’t really know why. Possible spoiler alert by the way, but, I guess since I’m everyone I’m my own friend and every relationship I have with anyone is with me myself and I. But I really enjoyed reading it, its a new way to look at life. Cause don’t we all hate something about ourselves? And don’t people usually say like when two people think alike they tend to argue more. I don’t know exactly where I’m going with the idea. It’s a well written short story I should leave it at that.

Talking about good short stories though. oh god. I always feel like i have a good idea but then I start writing and its  all just blah. Like yuck I guess I should just face the fact that writing is not my thing at all. We have to share our short stories with the class. I’m a little imtimidated by a few of my classmates who seem really good at writing but I’m excited to hear their feedback I hope they don’t hold back. My story is kind of around a boring topic but I’m hoping that I portrayed the meaning behind it well enough to be recognized. I guess I’ll just have to wait and see.